A Professional Training Hub

A Professional Training Hub

Manpower Training Centre

We Saw a Need

Presently in Nigeria our universities lack in the areas of research and hands-on or on-the-job training, leaving our youths with little or no practical skills upon graduation. They are often force to travel abroad after their first degree to acquire these skills in order to be more sellable on the job market. Laser Engineering saw the need to overcome this challenge by offering quality practical knowledge to our youths. This was the reason Laser Petroleum Geosciences Centre (LPGC) was formed.
We are commited to help develop manpower skills and competences through highly specialized training in order to solve problems and meet the needs of the Oil and Gas Industry.


Who are We?

It is our pleasure to introduce our Professional Training Centre to you:

This is a Government accredited ( by the National Board of Technical Education - NBTE) and licensed Vocational Training Centre that is designed to bridge the gap between the University class room learning and the oil and gas industry required skills. Our courses are for workers and graduates of Geosciences, Engineering and related disciplines who are interested in using engineering, geology, petrophysics and / or geophysics to explore for and develop oil and gas fields; and, for those aspiring for a profession in the Oil and Gas Industry.
Our trainees receive a thorough grounding in the principles of exploration and oil and gas field development, whilst being exposed to the practical aspects of the oil and gas industry gained by our staff and consultants through years of experience around the world. On completion, candidates of the 12-months programme are awarded a Diploma. Our aim is to produce professionals with excellent competence, technical expertise and experience, multi-disciplinary and team skill, for optimum productivity to enhance Nigeria's global competitiveness in the oil and gas industry.

Our Services Include:

Our Services:
1. Manpower Training and Development for the Aspiring Professionals : We offer LPGC Short Courses Programe
2. LPGC Training Programme
3. Online School for all

What LPGC Offers

Laser Petroleum Geosciences Centre (LPGC) offers an integrated course program with a wide range of taught courses and practical work and provision of world-class teaching and research facilities. Laser Engineering and Resources Consultants Ltd, one of the largest Consultancy firms in Nigeria, has confidently established this school as a centre of excellence for Petroleum Geosciences and Engineering for both Nigerian and worldwide recruitment. Pioneer students started by October 2008 and graduated in the next six months leading to the award of Post-Graduate National Innovative Diploma in Applied Petroleum Geosciences.

Our LPGC Training Programmes

Our programmes run for an intensive period of nine (09) to twelve (12) months, including an Internship. We have state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to transfer skills and competencies relevant to the Oil and Gas industry to young Nigerian graduates.

Our Programmes include: Petroleum Geosciences Training, Production Enginering Training, PVT (Pressure-Volume-Temperature) Laboratory Training, Drilling and Subsurface Training, Environmental Impact Assessment Studies.
To read more about these Programmes, click here..Read More on LPGC Training Programmes

Our Short Courses

We have also designed and packaged short courses for those aspiring professionals within and outside the industry ranging from Geology, Geophysics, Petrophysics, Reservoir Engineering, Production Engineering, HSE, Surface Operations, Drilling/Well Construction, Petroleum Business/ Softskills, Oil and Gas Instrumentations, etc.

Our Locations

LPGC is currently located in three (3) cities of Nigeria: Port Harcourt, Lagos and Benin.

Professional Training Instructors

Professor Mike Onyekonwu, Ph.d, Stanford
Managing ConsultantProfessor Mike Onyekonwu, Ph.d, Stanford
Mrs. Monica Wobo
Reservoir Engineer, Reservoir ManagerMrs. Monica Wobo
Mr. Ezekiel Ekeremadu
Reservoir ManagerMr. Ezekiel Ekeremadu
Mr. Babatunde Oyekade
ConsultantMr. Babatunde Oyekade

Our Student's Testimonial

What our past and present students say about us..
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