Laser Engineering started about twenty-seven (27) years ago and her vision is primarily to utilize local resources in solving the intellectual problems in the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry.  As part of her mission, Laser is committed to training young Nigerian graduates to enable them acquire skills that will properly prepare them to work in the industry.  We not only enrich the knowledge of the Nigerian graduates on the theory of oil and gas business, but we get them involved in field development studies.  The results of this effort are acknowledged in the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry by the dominant roles Laser trained graduates play in both oil operating and servicing companies in Nigeria.

In 2006, the Nigerian Government announced plans to establish practical institutions that will properly prepare our young secondary school leavers and university graduates.  The vision of the government for this program is focused on the development of skills and talents, provision of industrial and practical experience in such areas as engineering construction, oil and gas, information technology, etc, for the Nation’s industries.  The programme further seeks to increase private sector participation in the provision of Technical and Vocational Education (TVET) and Training Institutions.

The Managing Consultant of Laser Engineering and Resources Consultants Limited who is also a Professor of Petroleum and Gas Engineering in the University of Port Harcourt, Professor Mike O. Onyekonwu, in a bid to fulfill his vision of training young graduates responded and collaborated with the Government in developing the Geoscience curriculum.  In 2007, Laser received a license to formally set up our Geoscience Practical School.


Laser Petroleum Geosciences Centre (LPGC)
is a world-class NBTE accredited Centre that offers a Post-Graduate National Innovative Diploma in Applied Geosciences and Development.

It is therefore a private, independent, Diploma-awarding institution/ training centre whose mission reflects these core values: Excellence in Scholarship, Dedication to Free Inquiry, Integrity of Character and Commitment to Humanity.


Laser Petroleum Geosciences Centre (LPGC) offers an integrated course program with a wide range of taught courses and practical work and provision of world-class teaching and research facilities. Laser Engineering and Resources Consultants Ltd, one of the largest Consultancy firms in Nigeria, has confidently established this school as a centre of excellence for Petroleum Geosciences for both Nigerian and worldwide recruitment. Pioneer students started by October 2008 and graduated in the next six months leading to the award of Post-Graduate National Innovative Diploma in Applied Petroleum Geosciences.

Our Programme:

Our programme runs for an intensive period of nine (09) months and  (03) months Internship. It covers the disciplines of Petroleum Geosciences, Engineering and related studies. We have state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to transfer skills and competencies relevant to the Oil and Gas industry to young Nigerian graduates.

Our Modules are divided into five and their include Laboratory modules as well. To read more abour our LPGC Programme, click here..

We have also designed and packaged short courses programme for those aspiring professionals within and outside the industry ranging from Petroleum courses, HSE courses, Engineering courses etc.

Read more here to see our get an overview of our LPGC Short courses programe specially packaged and designed for you. Click here...

LPGC is currently located in three (3) cities of Nigeria: Port Harcourt, Lagos and Benin. We have graduated above 250 students who are gainfully employed in the industry. We have also successfully trained various batches of sponsored students from NCDMB, PTDF amongst others.

Presently in Nigeria our universities lack in the areas of research and hands-on or on-the-job training, leaving our youths with little or no practical skills upon graduation. They are often force to travel abroad after their first degree to acquire these skills in order to be more sellable on the job market. Laser Engineering saw the need to overcome this challenge by offering quality practical knowledge to our youths. This was the reason Laser Petroleum Geosciences Centre (LPGC) was formed.

It is our pleasure to introduce our Professional Training Centre to you:

This is a Government accredited (National Board of Technical Education - NBTE) and licensed Vocational Centre that is designed to bridge the gap between the University class room learning and the oil and gas industry required skills. Our courses are for workers and graduates of Geosciences, Engineering and related disciplines who are interested in using engineering, geology and / or geophysics to explore for and develop oil and gas fields; and, for those aspiring for a profession in the Oil and Gas Industry. We offer a 4-month (for experienced personnel) and a 9-months (for fresh graduates) intensive Geoscience training with a 3-months internship in the company.

The participants receive a thorough grounding in the principles of exploration and oil and gas field development, whilst being exposed to the practical aspects of the oil and gas industry gained by our staff and consultants through years of experience around the world. On completion, candidates of the 9-months programme are awarded a Diploma. Our aim is to produce professionals with excellent competence, technical expertise and experience, multi-disciplinary and team skill, for optimum productivity, to enhance Nigeria's global competitiveness in the oil and gas industry.

Our Services:
1. Manpower Training Development for the Aspiring Professionals
2. LPGC Training Programme
3. LPGC Short Courses Programe
4. Online School


Nigeria as a country has been blessed with a lot of resources such as minerals and petroleum as well as human resources. Our government has been taking actions so that progressively our petroleum resources will be completely managed and harnessed by indigenes. In that line, young Nigerian are being sponsored by the government, producing companies or individuals, to be trained and develop skills necessary to thrive in the petroleum sector. And hopefully, there exists local institutions capable of providing such training. Laser Petroleum Geosciences Centre (LPGC) is one of them.

Mission & VIsion

                            GEOSCIENCE SCHOOL VISION

To establish a centre of excellence in practical Geoscience / Engineering and research that will produce world class Petroleum Geoscientists / Engineers and oil and gas business leaders who will properly harness our abundant oil and gas resources in an efficient and sustainable manner and to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

                          GEOSCIENCE SCHOOL MISSION

  • To meet petroleum industry needs through commitment to excellence in training, applied research, continuing education and capacity building.
  • To develop local expertise by training young Nigerians with world class skills that are accepted worldwide in the oil and gas industry.
  • To create opportunities for graduates to acquire theoretical and practical skills, knowledge and values for lifelong learning in a global economy.To build a full-fledged, world class training centre with excellent state-of-the-art facilities.
  • To build a full-fledged, world class training centre with excellent state-of-the-art facilities.


We have achieved major milestones since we began training professionally

Training Centres

LPGC Course Instructors

Meet Our Professional Course Instructors for LPGC

Professor Mike O. Onyekonwu, PhD, Stanford
Managing ConsultantProfessor Mike O. Onyekonwu, PhD,
Mrs. Monica Wobo
Senior Supervisor, Reservoir Management Unit, PHMrs. Monica
 Ekworomadu Okwudiri Ezekiel
General Manager, Reservoir Management and Geosciences School, Lagos Ekworomadu Okwudiri
Babatunde S. Oyekade , Reservoir Engineer
ConsultantBabatunde S. Oyekade , Reservoir



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